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Maternity/Baby Supplies

Refuge can help with a wide range of maternity & baby supplies for those who are in financial need or having a tough month. We can help with diapers, clothing (newborn to 4T) , baby food, blankets, toys, baby accessories etc. Baby supply pickup is every Tuesday & Thursday between 9-4pm.  An appointment is required. 

Birth Doula

Refuge offers a comprehensive pregnancy and labour support program called "Walk with Me". If you have little to no support, you don't have to do this alone. We would love to help you find joy in the journey and have a positive birth experience. 

Pregnancy Testing

Refuge offers free pregnancy testing. We will help you process the news and navigate how we can support you in your journey. 

Options Counselling

Refuge offers options counselling to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy who are undecided about how to proceed. We discuss all of the options: (abortion, adoption, parenting). 

Women are provided with evidence based information and supports so that they can make an informed decision. 

Refuge is not a medical clinic and does not provide medical referrals.

Post Abortive Counselling

Some women struggle emotionally after having an abortion and need a safe space to process their  experience. Our post-abortive sessions with a registered psychotherapist are FREE and completely confidential. 

All of the services provided at Refuge are FREE thanks to our generous community supporters

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