REFUGE pregnancy resource centre is here for women and their families who come from all walks of life. REFUGE has knowledgeable staff members and volunteers who offer good information to women and men no matter what situation they are in so they can make educated decisions for themselves.

REFUGE comes alongside people with encouragement and support. Sometimes that support is a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, helping people sort through the confusion of an unplanned pregnancy or abusive situation or hands on help with material needs, housing issues and connecting people to other community resources.

We here at REFUGE recognize the intrinsic value of each and every individual. All of our volunteers and staff are trained with the expectation that we function in a non-judgemental environment. Everyone coming through our door has a story.

We are for hope. Life can bring some pretty terrible circumstances either through our own choices or through the choices other people make that we have no control over. We are here to offer hope, to give them someone to relate to and say “I’ve been there I know what you’re going through”.

We are for “healthy” lifestyle choices. We are for encouraging women to think through the ramifications of their choices and to live in accordance to their values and beliefs.

We are for service. We are here to serve the needs of our clients to the best of our ability. Not to just give a hand out, but to give a hand up. We believe in educating those who come to us for help so they can be better prepared to face the challenge before them.

I hope we can be known as a safe place for women to come as they are making, what can be, life altering choices.
We have programs such as baby food making, baby wearing, birth plan clinics, postpartum depression and breastfeeding workshops.

REFUGE works with other agencies such as the Public Health Unit, Breastfeeding Coalition, Doula Collective, Ontario Works and other community agencies.



A  pregnancy whether planned or unplanned can be a shock to you and those around you. We want you to know here at Refuge that you are not alone, no matter what the situation is you find yourself in we are here to help you and support you through this time. The staff at REFUGE are non-judgemental, every single person that walks through our door has a story and a history and your visit is confidential.


When someone is expecting a baby there tends to be alot of advice from people in your lives that care about you the most. We here at Refuge are able to sit down with you and discuss the options that are available to you and assist you in making an informed decision. We have lots of resources available for you to take home as well, to allow you the time to sit with your thoughts and make some of those decisions. It is your body and your baby and we want you to make the right choices and feel empowered that you are not alone and that we are here for you to see you through.


Parenting is not an easy job, especially if you are a single parent, but it can be very rewarding and you are not alone. The staff here at REFUGE understands and wants to sit down and talk with you about your fears and your hopes. There are excellent free parenting programs you can take before you have your baby. You can receive financial aid, housing, clothing etc. We can refer you to these agencies and support groups. REFUGE has volunteers who can share their experience of choosing to carry through with an unplanned pregnancy. To set up an appointment to speak with one of them, send us a message or just walk in to our office and someone would be happy to help you.


 There are hundreds of loving couples and families waiting to adopt a baby. Many women are unaware that adoption has changed dramatically.  In Ontario, all adoptions are now considered to be “open.” This means you have access to information about your child and the adoptive family after the adoption. Adoptive parents go through careful screening and undergo a rigorous process in order to become your child’s parents. REFUGE works with a private adoption agency. You are able to choose the adoptive family that you will place your child with and be a part of his/her life. We can set up a meeting with an adoption counsellor to help you decide if adoption is right for you.


This is often the first (and sometimes the only) option presented to you. The staff at REFUGE is willing to sit down with you and go through all of your options so that you can  make an informed decision, one that you are content with and can live with.

Abortion is irreversible and it is not a decision that should be made quickly or taken lightly. If you have had an abortion and are experiencing difficulty, either physically or emotionally, please seek help. If you’d like to set up an appointment to speak with a post abortion counsellor please contact us.


Fetal Development

  • 17 days… Your baby is beginning to develop blood vessel and its sex cells are developing into sperm or eggs!!!
  • 21 days… Your baby’s heart began beating.  He or she is only 0.03 inches.
  • 32 days… The tiny tongue and arm and leg buds begin to form.  The face now makes its first appearance.  Blood flows in your baby’s veins but is separate from yours.
  • Day 40… Your baby makes its first reflex move.
  • Day 44… Internal organs are present.  99% of muscles are present.  Electrical activity can be detected in your baby’s brain.
  • Day 52… Your baby is 1 inch long and is practicing spontaneous movement through moving limbs, pursing lips, yawning, hiccupping, stretching and sucking.
  • 8 weeks… Your baby’s liver is making blood, the kidneys function, and the heart beats steadily.  Of the 4500 structures your body, your baby has 4000 already!
  • 10 weeks… Your baby is developing it’s own fingerprints!
  • 11 weeks… Your baby is practicing to breathe!  He or she can SMILE!
  • 12 weeks… Fine hair is developing all over your baby’s body.
  • 13 weeks… Your baby is active but you can’t feel anything yet.
  • 4 months… Nostrils and toenails are visible.  At about 4 ½ months he or she can feel pain.
  • 5 months… Do you feel him or her kicking?  This is when you will start to feel kicks, turns, hiccups.
  • 6 months… Your baby is 9 inches long!  He or she will be able to hear by next week! Upon waking, your baby will stretch!
  • 7 months… Your baby opens its eyelids!
  • 8 months… Your baby’s eyes respond to light.
  • 9 ½ months… Say hello to the beautiful little human being that spent 9 months to prepare itself to be born into your arms!
At REFUGE, we are dedicated to helping women experiencing unplanned pregnancies make mature, educated and healthy decisions that they can live with. We will walk you through all of the options and supports available to you.  Please come in and see us, Walk ins are always welcome and someone is here from 9-4 Monday thru Friday.
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