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    There are so many ways to be brave in this world. Sometimes bravery involves laying down your life for something bigger than yourself, or for someone else. Sometimes it involves giving up everything you have ever known, or everyone you have ever loved, for the sake of something greater.
    But sometimes it doesn’t.
    Sometimes it is nothing more than gritting your teeth through pain, and the work of every day, the slow walk toward a better life.”

    That is the sort of bravery my clients face every single day. If they only understood how my heart breaks for them and how they are walked with and supported in ways that they may never understand. This parenting thing is tough, specifically when you are fighting mental illness, addictions and/or poverty…..but it is possible. You are strong and brave and amazing and we love each and every one of you.

    We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017.

  2. Nina

    Community Partnerships


    REFUGE pregnancy resource centre is thankful for all of our community partnerships. Pictured below is Nina from REFUGE and Brenda from Outreach for Hunger. Outreach made a huge donation of diapers to REFUGE in October of this year. Together, we continue to work together to build a better community. We are Thankful to Outreach and all of our community partners for thinking of us!




  3. Nina

    Fall is finally here…..


    It is hard to believe that September has come and is almost gone, The fall season gently reminds us that there is a time to let the old things go in order to allow new things to come forth.

    Over the past several months we have seen many new clients at REFUGE pregnancy resource centre. People come to us for a variety of reasons, and I have sat In my office with many of them and heard their stories and shared with them my own. I am always amazed at how every single one of us have similarities in our histories and past experiences. It proves that although we may be on different paths currently, many of us can identify with each other, therefor lifting each other up with experience and grace.

    I have experienced many beautiful moments in the last year. We have seen women who have come into our office confused and frightened, follow through with our programming and services and become strong, capable, loving mothers……What they don’t realize is that they had the power to become this all along, they just needed someone to assist them in seeing the value within themselves. We have seen many healthy babies born over the past year to our clients, we have seen mothers battle and defeat addictions, We have seen life.

    My challenge for you this season is to look into your life and find someone who is struggling, Bring a meal to a new mom, Call someone you haven’t chatted with in awhile, Send a snail mail letter to a friend who could use a kind word. You never know what your moment of kindness will do for someone.

    I wish you a very peaceful and relaxing fall season.

    We hope to see you soon.

  4. Nina



    REFUGE pregnancy resource centre is pleased to welcome baby Jordan into the world. This baby’s mom had come into REFUGE for assistance and support when she was only a few weeks pregnant, Struggling with a past of addictions and other life choices she reached out to us in hopes that we could assist her in making a change. This mom wanted so badly to have the opportunity to stay clean, parent her baby and make healthy choices for herself. REFUGE walked with her from day one and she came in consistently every week with her partner. She successfully went through a rehab program, came to our parenting classes and courses, kept in touch with our director weekly for guidance and support and worked hand in hand with those in authority to do what she needed to do. This mom completely turned her life around and is now able to be the mother she has always dreamt of being. We are so very proud of her and we wish her all the very best!

    Starting in September we are offering our pre-natal and post-partum workshops again. Please see the ” What’s going on” tab for more info!

    We hope you had a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you soon!

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